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in Innovations in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies



During the past years, cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) have undergone remarkable developments. One of the most influential of these developments is the Schema-Focused Therapy” of Jeffrey Young.

Jeffrey Young is the director of the “Schema Therapy Institute” in New York, and associate professor at Columbia University, New York. He is also a member of the “Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health” ( of the Babes-Bolyai University, and founding member of the “Academy of Cognitive Therapy”, USA. Schema-Focused Therapy offers innovative CBT techniques and methods for approaching complex and chronic clinical cases, particularly personality disorders, that lack evidence-based interventions in most forms of psychotherapy, cases in which the efficiency of psychotherapy leaves significant room for improvement.    

During July 21-13 2010, professor Young will deliver a Workshop in Schema-Focused Therapy at Babes-Bolyai University, centered on clinical applications. The organizers are “The Romanian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies” ( and the Babes-Bolyai University, represented by the “Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy” ( and the “International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health” (

For details regarding the activity of professor Young and “schema-focused therapy”, see at


The program of the three-day workshop will be as follows:

  • Fundamentals of schema-focused therapy; theory and techniques (1 day)
  • The clinical approach of borderline personality disorder (1½ days)
  • The clinical approach of narcissistic personality disorder (1/2 days)

Each day will include a maximum of 6 hours of teaching, and the program will be posted at least 10 days before the beginning of the Workshop, at


The Workshop will be credited by the Romanian Board of Psychologists. Psychologist participants will receive a certificate credited with 7 credits (CE). Other participants (including final year students) will receive a non-credited attendance certificate. In order to claim your certificate, please send a copy of your Romanian Board of Psychologists License (psychologists) and a copy of your Graduation Diploma (all participants except for students) until at least one week before the Workshop to (scan) or 0264-434141 (fax).     


The number of available places is limited. Considering that we expect a large number of participants (including international participation) we suggest that you register in time. Registrations can be made at, beginning January 15, 2010. The payment of the 150 Euros fee can be made into the account bellow, at least two weeks before the Workshop. Proof of the payment should be sent to (scan) or 0264-434141 (fax).    


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