Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Babes-Bolyai University

Senior assistant professor, M.D., Ph.D., Ovidiu ANDRONESI

Ovidiu Andronesi is licensed in both medicine (M.D.; “Carol Davila” Universty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest) and physics (University of Bucharest). He obtained an MA in physics from Leidein University, Netherlands, and then he has obtained his Ph.D. in biophysics from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (Germania). At present (2008/2009)he is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, USA (Harvard Medical School – Massachussetts General Hospital). His expertise is related to clinical neurosciences and their applications in the field of clinical psychology/psychotherapy, neurology, and psychiatry. At present he is also affiliated with Harvard Universty, USA; for details see here.

Sample of Representative Scientific Papers (Web of Science – Thomson ISI):

·     Andronesi O. C. , Blekas K. D.,  Mintzopoulos D., Astrakas L., Black P. M., and Tzika A. A. (2008). Molecular classification of brain tumor biopsies using solid-state magic angle spinning proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and robust classifiers, International Journal of Oncology 33, pp 1017-1025.

·     Andronesi, O. C., Mintzopoulos, D., Struppe, J., Black, P. M., and Tzika, A. A. (2008). Solid-state NMR adiabatic TOBSY sequences provide enhanced sensitivity for multidimensional high-resolution magic-angle-spinning H-1 MR spectroscopy. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 193, pp 251-258.

·     Andronesi, O. C., von Bergen, M., Biernat, J., Seidel, K., Griesinger, C., Mandelkow, E., and Baldus, M. (2008). Characterization of Alzheimer’s-like paired helical filaments from the core domain of tau protein using solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130, 5922-5928.

·      Seidel, K., Andronesi, O. C., Krebs, J., Griesinger, C., Young, H. S., Becker, S., and Baldus, M. (2008). Structural characterization of Ca2+-ATPase-bound phospholarnban in lipid bilayers by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy. Biochemistry 47, pp 4369-4376.

·     Tzika, A. A., Astrakas, L., Cao, H. H., Mintzopoulos, D., Andronesi, O. C., Mindrinos, M., Zhang, J. W., Rahme, L. G., Blekas, K. D., Likas, A. C., Galatsanos, N. P., Carroll, R. S., and Black, P. M. (2007). Combination of high-resolution magic angle spinning proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and microscale genomics to type brain tumor biopsies. International Journal of Molecular Medicine 20, pp 199-208.

·     Etzkorn, M., Martell, S., Andronesi, O. C., Seidel, K., Engelhard, M., and Baldus, M. (2007). Secondary structure, dynamics, and topology of a seven-helix receptor in native membranes, studied by solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 46, pp 459-462.

·     Andronesi, O. C., Becker, S., Seidel, K., Heise, H., Young, H. S., and Baldus, M. (2005). Determination of membrane protein structure and dynamics by magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, pp 12965-12974.

·      Heise, H., Hoyer, W., Becker, S., Andronesi, O. C., Riedel, D., and Baldus, M. (2005). Molecular-level secondary structure, polymorphism, and dynamics of full-length alpha-synuclein fibrils studied by solid-state NMR. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102, pp 15871-15876.


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