Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Babes-Bolyai University

“Aaron T. Beck” Professor, Ph.D., Daniel DAVID


Brief CV – Daniel David (December, 2016)





I. Present academic position:

  • Professor, Ph.D., Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, since 2007
    •           The title of this position is: “Aaron T. Beck Professorship
  • Adjunct professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Oncological Sciences, New-York, USA (2009-); (

Current address: Babeş-Bolyai University, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, No. 37 Republicii St., 400015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Phone number, e-mail address: + 40 264 434141 (office),

Basic courses (alternatives):

  • BA level: Clinical psychology and psychotherapy
  • MA level: Clinical assessment and individual and group psychotherapies; Rhetoric and theory of argumentation: Fundamental (application in psychotherapy)
  • Ph.D. level: Clinical research methods; Clinical cognitive sciences (focus on: evidence-based assessments and psychotherapy)

II. Research interests

Current research is focused on the role of cognitive mechanisms, both explicit (e.g., autobiographical memory) and implicit (e.g., implicit memory; priming) in generating subjective/emotional (cognition-emotion relation), behavioral, and psycho-physiological human responses, more specifically, on the role of (a) rational/functional and irrational/dysfunctional beliefs and (b) response hopes and/or expectancies on various psychological and medical outcomes related to cancer and mental health. When clinical trials are used as research instruments the analysis employed is typically multilevel, concerning: (1) outcomes (i.e., efficacy and/or effectiveness); (2) theory/mechanism of change (psychological and neurobiological/genetic); and (3) economical aspects (e.g., cost-effectiveness, cost-utility). A specific research interest is related to the theory and practice of cognitive hypnosis/hypnotherapy as part of the cognitive neuroscience paradigm and the use of technological developments in psychotherapy (i.e., virtual reality therapy; robotherapy).

Key words: clinical cognitive sciences; psychology and technology (robotherapy, virtual reality therapy), cognitive unconscious (unconscious information processing), rational-emotive & cognitive-behavioral therapy, clinical psychology, evolutionary psychology, genetic counseling.


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