Masters Level

Master programs in the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

The Master degree is a minimum level of training for any professional and responsible psychologist. Focused on scientifically validated practice, the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of Babeş-Bolyai University has developed three “world class” (excellence) Master’s programs that, based on the “scientist-practitioner” and “evidence-based” paradigm, offer a set of competencies for both successful professional activity (according to the norms of the Romanian College of Psychologists) and the rapid insertion of graduates on the labor market as well as for advanced research activity. Graduates of these Master programs of the Department can work in the country and / or abroad and / or can continue their doctoral studies in the country and / or abroad, the Master Degrees of the Department being recognized both nationally (MEdC-ARACIS) and internationally.

In order to ensure a high level of training, compatible with the set of good international standards, we have implemented a series of quality assurance mechanisms. Thus, during the Master program the courses / seminars / workshops are given by high-performing professors from the country and / or abroad and the specialized practice is done in their own locations (eg “Babeş-Bolyai” University Psychology Clinic – “PsyTech”) or in units academically approved by the Department, with appropriate supervision. Master students have the opportunity, depending on their interest and availability, to be involved in research and / or practical activities (some paid) and are supported for internships abroad. They can also participate (at certain levels) and benefit from the “Meeting of the Minds Conference Series“, as an elite scientific and professional training framework (see the corresponding section of the site). The Master program can be continued, for those interested, by the Doctoral and then Postdoctoral program (see the corresponding sections of this site).

Currently the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy has the following Master programs: