Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


Central Values:

Tradition, Excellence, Honor

Practical Values:

(to implement the Central Values)
Courage, Common Sense, Rationality/ Critical Thinking

The Song/ Anthem of the Department:

“Dor de Cluj, Dor de Blaga”





The Department of Clinical Psychology and psychotherapy aims (1) to generate relevant field-specific knowledge through quality scientific research, and during this process (2) to train through education and co-education active important specialists (people who have both advanced knowledge, and the ability to generate it, therefore being prepared for both the present and the future), and (3) to generate innovations that provide people with competitive advantages and well-being. Namely, we aim to train specialists (“complete clinical scientists”), who are excellent researchers, efficient practitioners (“personalized evidence-based”) and inspirational educators/ trainers, allowing them to become involved leaders and critical thinkers in the field and globally. Consistent with these aims, we build on/ develop a profile characterized by rationality, intelligence/ creativity and empathy/ compassion.

Prof. „Aaron T. Beck” Univ. Dr. Daniel David, Founding Director

The Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is organized according to international standards, having assumed an educational mission by training students at bachelor, master, doctorate and postdoctoral level, a research mission that is implemented by the International Institute of Psychotherapy, respectively one of services carried out by the Babeș-Bolyai University Psychology Clinic. Thus, the department offers students opportunities for advanced education, practice and research in order to be trained as good professionals in the field and advanced researchers.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Anca Dobrean, Head of Department