Clinical Psychology Masters Program – About

Clinical Psychology, Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy Masters Program

  • Master’s program director: Professor, Aurora Szentagotai, Ph. D.

The Master’s program is designed to offer an advanced specialization in the clinical field, according to international standards and norms of excellence. It offers both the possibility of training as a clinical psychologist, psychological counselor and/or a high-performance psychotherapist and the possibility of training as a researcher in the field. Graduates can continue their preparation through doctoral studies and postdoctoral programs and/or can take part of the labor market in different fields that require their skills.

The Master’s program is addressed to those who wish to obtain specialization in: (1) clinical psychology; (2) psychological counseling; (3) psychotherapy and to work mainly in the clinical field (eg.: hospitals, clinics, centers and foundations providing services focused on promoting health and disorder treatment, individual private practices etc.) The program focuses on (1) health promotion and (2) diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving psychological factors in the etiopathogenesis (in the case of children, adults and the elderly). The program will be rigorous, but flexible for those who are already working.


First semester

  • Clinical Psychology, Individual and Group Psychotherapy I
  • Advanced Research Methods I
  • Particularităţi de dezvoltare ale copilului şi adolescentului
  • Applied Cognitive Science
  • Professional Practice

Second semester

  • Clinical Psychology, Individual and Group Psychotherapy II
  • Advanced Research Methods II
  • Advanced Notions of Psychiatry
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy I
  • Professional Practice

Semestrul III

  • Clinical Health Psychology
  • Personality: Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy II
  • Advanced Methods for Data Analysis or Psychological Assessment of preschool and schoold child or Positive Psychology (at least one optional will be chosen)
  • Professional Practice

Semestrul IV

  • Genetic counselling
  • Ethics in Applied Psychology
  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy or Clinical Forensic Psychology or Clinical Neuropsychology (at least one optional will be chosen)
  • Professional Practice
  • Dissertation Thesis Defense