PhD Admissions

News about PhD Admissions

Admission to the doctorate in the Doctoral School: Evidence-Based Assessment and Psychological Interventions is done through a competition organized annually, in September. The exam consists of (1) taking a written exam based on the bibliography displayed on the website of the Doctoral School and (2) presenting a research project to the admission committee.


Mandatory subjects

Attention and Sensory Processes
Mnesic systems
Language, Thinking, and Problem Solving
Motivation and Affective Processes
Unconscious information processing
Stages of cognitive development in children; Fundamentals of developmental psychology
Personality and personality disorders
Social psychology – social cognition, social representations, and attitudes
Paradigms of contemporary psychology
Epistemological foundations of scientific research
Rhetoric and theory of argumentation
Paradigms of scientific research
Principles of construction and validation of assessment instruments in psychology
Research design and hypothesis testing in psychology
The experimental plan and its variants; sampling and analysis schemes
Correlation, Regression, Analysis of Variance, Factor Analysis, and Meta-Analysis
The Case Study and the Single Subject Experimental Design
Randomized controlled trial
Fundamentals of clinical assessment and diagnosis, psychopathology, and evidence-based psychological interventions

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