Members and Collaborators – Academic

Teaching and research staff of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy:

Professor “Aaron T. Beck” Daniel DAVID, Ph.D.


Clinical cognitive sciences applied in psychopathology (child, adolescent, adult, the elderly), evidence-based psychological assessment and psychotherapy, multilevel outcomes and mechanisms of change in clinical research, technology-based clinical psychology, and psychotherapy (e.g., virtual reality therapy, robotherapy). Also Adjunct Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, SUA.

Professor Anca DOBREAN, Ph.D.


Psychodiagnosis, evidenced based assessment, child and adolescent psychopathology 

Professor Aurora SZENTAGOTAI, Ph.D.


Clinical psychology/ Cognitive behavioural therapy/ Positive psychology

Professor Oana DAVID, Ph.D.


Digital Mental Health, Clinical Psychology/Applied Psychotherapy (e.g., Cognitive Behavioural Coaching), and Parenting

Associate Professor Simona ŞTEFAN, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology/ Evidence-based Psychotherapy

Assistant Professor Silviu MATU, Ph.D.

Advanced research methods; Using technological tools, such as robots and virtual reality, to promote mental health

Assistant Professor Diana NECHITA, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology/ Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy/ Positive Psychology

Assistant Professor Costina-Ruxandra POETAR, Ph.D.

Family psychology/ Clinical assessment and psychological interventions for children/ Couple and family psychology: legal applications/ Evaluation and clinical assessment applied in a legal context

Assistant Professor Radu ȘOFLĂU, Ph.D.

Clinical Practice/ Ethics in Applied Psychology/ Clinical Forensic Psychology

Assistant Professor Răzvan PREDATU, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology/Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy/Clinical Practice/Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching

Assistant Professor Lia Oltean

Clinical psychology, psychological counseling, individual and group psychotherapies/Positive psychology/Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy

The Department is organized according to international standards, so that some people are employed on a temporary basis and/or complementary to the specialties of the Department. This encourages a planned staff fluctuation that leads to an increase in the Department’s performance, through the flexibility and expertise with which it approaches new developments in the field. Former and current employees of the Department include:

  • Dr. Ioana Cristea
    • Clinical/ Applied Cognitive Sciences in Pathology, Clinical Cognitive Neurosciences, Evolutionary Psychology.
  • Dr. Amfiana Botez
  • Dr. Cristina Mogoașe
    • Clinical Cognitive Sciences, Applied Psychotherapy in Genetics/ Genetic Counseling, Clinical Practice
  • Dr. Bianca Macavei
    • 2008-2014
    • Clinical Practice
  • Dr. Ramona Moldovan
    • 2008-2014
    • Genetic Counseling
  • Dr. Sebastian Pintea
    • 2008-2014
    • Advanced Research Methods
  • Dr. Mădălina Sucală
    • Clinical Cognitive Sciences/Applied in Adult Psychopatology, Genetic Counseling
  • Dr. Bogdan Voinescu
    • Clinical and Experimental Psychiatry/Sleep Disorders and ADHD, Genetic Counseling
  • Dr. Alina Rusu
    • 2007-2013
    • Human-animal interaction/Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Dr. Mircea Birț
    • 2008-2011
    • Clinical Psychiatry
  • Dr. Octavian Popescu
    • 2009-2011; from 2011, he remained a member of Doctoral School Council of the Department
    • Genetics, Molecular Biology
    • full member of Romanian Academy
  • Dr. Catalina Kopetz
    • 2008-2013; from 2013, she remained consultant researcher of the Institute
    • Cognitive Sciences, affiliated with Maryland University