Professional and paraprofessional training

The consortium formed by The Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Department (with its associated structures: the Institute and the Clinic) and The Romanian Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies (according to the law only professional associations are accredited to provide continuous training in counseling/psychotherapy) offers several applied continuous training courses in the clinical field (for professionals), with applications in various domains and populations (see below) and for adults formation (lifelong learning; for anyone interested in personal and professional self-development).

The cost for each course is 400 RON. The schedules for the courses in Cluj-Napoca will be announced every September for the entire year. The schedule for courses taking place in other counties will be established based on demand (courses will be organized for groups of at least 20 participants or at least 25 participants in Bucharest). Contact person: Research Assistant, MA, Raluca Anton (Tel. 0264 434141; Email:

I. Fundamental courses (continuous training; for professionals)

II. Courses addressing specific topics or problems (continuous training and adults self-development)

1. Cognitive-behavioral intervention program for aggressive children (continuous training and adult self-development)

Topics such as the diagnostic procedures for aggressive children, parents interviewing strategies, approaching the child in discussions, and the factors that lead to and maintain aggressive behaviors are addressed in a pragmatic manner. Specific techniques for building the therapeutic relationship with the child, motivating the child, parents, and family counseling and intervention effects monitoring are presented.

2. Cognitive-behavioral interventions in couple and family psychotherapy (continuous training)

The scientific fundaments of couple and family therapy are presented in a pragmatic manner, followed by an array of cognitive-behavioral techniques specifically adapted for couple therapy such as negotiation techniques, mediation strategies for crisis situations, and strategies for approaching sexual dynamic issues.

3. Parenting skills development. A course for parents (adult self-development)

The psychological principles that are efficient in working with children for health behaviors reinforcement, as well as social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development and optimization are pragmatically presented, as means for preventing the onset of psychological problems in both children and parents.

4. Psychodiagnostic and clinical evaluation; Applications for children aged 0 to 12 (continuous training)

A pragmatic presentation of the clinical assessment process as well as of the main instruments used is offered, providing participants with an evidence-based practical system for psychodiagnostic and clinical evaluation, which refers to the relevant evaluation for identifying underlying psychological mechanisms involved in health and illness for these specific age categories.

III. Other courses/workshops

New specific continuous training and/or adult self-development programs can be elaborated and implemented on demand, given that the members of the department and their collaborators have valuable expertise on the desired topics.

Se pot elabora şi implementa programe specifice noi, de formare continuă şi/sau a adulţilor, în funcţie de solicitant, în condiţiile de expertiză a membrilor Catedrei şi colaboratorilor acesteia. Contact person: Research Assistant, MA, Raluca Anton (Tel. 0264 434141; Email: