Clinical Cognitive Neurosciences Project at the Clinical Department

The Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and its International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health are a Pole of Excellence in the Romanian academic and research field.

Based on the support of the Romanian Government (by competition) and on national and international grants, the Department has developed two major world-class research platforms that will be fully operational by fall 2009:

  • The Platform for Robotherapy and Virtual Reality Therapy (see at;
  • The Platform for Advanced Imaging – EEG/fMRI – in Clinical Cognitive Sciences (


            In order (1) to integrate these two major Research Platforms, (2)  to connect/integrate them to top international networks in the field, and (3) to build a world-class research team, the following training and research sessions are planned for 2009 at the Clinical Department:

  • October 2008: Dr. Ovidiu Andronesi, Harvard Medical School – Introduction to clinical neuroimaging;
  • January 2009: Dr. Giorgie Bonmassar, Harvard Medical School – Advanced EEG and combining EEG with fMRI  analyses;
  • April 2009: Mount Sinai School of Medicine/Cornell University, and Yale University – Clinical applications; fMRI and adult;
  • June 2009: Dr. Nadine Gaab, Harvard Medical School – Clinical applications; fMRI and children;
  • September 2009: Dr. Steve Smith & his team, Oxford University – Advanced analysis methods in neuroimaging.


Additionally, our team members will participate in focused training/research internship in the above and other (e.g., Pisa University) world-class research institutions.


By this strategy it is hoped that, by fall 2009, the Department will have a world-class research team, integrated in the top international networks, ready to approach cutting-edge and frontier research, in major interdisciplinary fields, confronting with major scientific questions and problems.