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Assistant Professor Costina-Ruxandra POETAR, PhD

Costina-Ruxandra Poetar, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology
and Psychotherapy, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babeş-Bolyai University from
Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She defended her PhD thesis (“Transdiagnostic interventions delivered
through technology”) in 2016 within the Evidence-Based Psychological Assessment and Interventions
Doctoral School.

Her main research interests are: evidence-based psychological interventions
addressed to children, adolescents and adults, family and couple psychology, mental health
interventions delivered through technology (Internet interventions, mobile phone applications, Virtual reality).


Subjects taught:

  • Family Psychology
  • Clinical assessment and psychological interventions for children
  • Couple and family psychology: legal applications
  • Evaluation and clinical assessment applied in a legal context

Schedule for hearings:

Monday: 15:00 – 17:00 – with prior email appointment

Contact address: Republicii St., No. 37, 400015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Research Interests:

  • Psychological interventions delivered through technology
  • Transdiagnostic interventions

Projects & Grants:

Project director:

  • A virtual clinic for parents of children with ADHD – an individually-tailored approach to reduce parental distress, PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2019-1191 (2020-2022)
  • ParentKIT: efficacy of a transdiagnostic internet intervention enhanced with a parental component for children with internalizing problems, GTC 31371/2020 (2020-2021)


  • Mechanisms of childhood bullying victimization: profiles and tailoredapproach to online intervention – PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2020-2417 – PI Dr. Anca Dobrean (2021-2023)

Articles (Web of Science):


  • Florean, I.S., Dobrean, A., Balazsi, R., Roșan, A., Păsărelu, C., Predescu, E., Rad, F. (2022). Measurement invariance of Alabama Parenting Questionnaire (APQ) across age, gender, clinical status, and informant, Assessment (IF:4.66)


  • Păsărelu, C., Dobrean, A., Andersson, G., & Zaharie, G. (2021). Feasibility and clinical utility of a transdiagnostic Internet-delivered rational emotive and behavioral intervention for adolescents with anxiety and depressive disorders. Internet Interventions, 26.
  • Robe, A., Păsărelu, C. R., & Dobrean, A. (2021). Exploring autonomic regulation in children with ADHD with and without comorbid anxiety disorder through three systematic levels of cardiac vagal control analysis: Rest, reactivity, and recovery. Psychophysiology, e13850. (IF:4.01)
  • Dobrean, A., Păsărelu, C. R.*, Balazsi, R., & Predescu, E. (2021). Measurement Invariance of the ADHD Rating Scale–IV Home and School Versions Across Age, Gender, Clinical Status, and Informant. Assessment, 1073191119858421. (IF 3.19)


  • David, D., Dobrean, A., Păsărelu, C.R. et al. (2020). Psychotherapy, Atomoxetine or Both? Preliminary Evidence from a Comparative Study of Three Types of Treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children. Cognitive Therapy and Research (FI: 2.60)
  • Florean, I.S., Dobrean, A., Păsărelu, C.R. et al (2020). The Efficacy of Internet-Based Parenting Programs for Children and Adolescents with Behavior Problems: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials. Clin Child Fam Psychol Rev 23, 510–528. (FI: 3.46)
  • Păsărelu, C. R., Andersson, G., & Dobrean, A. (2020). Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder mobile apps: A systematic review. International journal of medical informatics, 138, 104133. (FI: 3.21)
  • Maior, E., Dobrean, A., & Păsărelu, C. R. (2020). Teacher rationality, social-emotional competencies and basic needs satisfaction: direct and indirect effects on teacher burnout. Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies20(1). DOI:10.24193/jebp.2020.1.8 (FI: 0.41)


  • Florean, S., & Păsărelu, C.-R. (2019). Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Empathy as Mediators between Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Difficulties and Couple Satisfaction. Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies
  • Robe, A., Dobrean, A., Cristea, I. A., Păsărelu, C. R., & Predescu, E. (2019). Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and task-related heart rate variability: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews. (IF 8.01)


  • Păsărelu, C. R., & Dobrean, A. (2018). A video-based transdiagnostic REBT universal prevention program for internalizing problems in adolescents: study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial. BMC psychiatry, 18(1), 101.
  • Păsărelu, C. R., & Dobrean, A. (2018). An investigation of mediators for the relationship between parent mental health and adolescent problematic internet use: a cross-sectional study in Romanian adolescents. Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, 18(2), 97.


  • Păsărelu, C. R., Andersson, G., Bergman Nordgren, L., & Dobrean, A. (2017). Internet-delivered transdiagnostic and tailored cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 1–28.
  • Păsărelu, C. R., Dobrean, A., Balazsi, R., Predescu, E., Şipos, R., & Lupu, V. (2017). The Penn State Worry Questionnaire for Children: Age, Gender and Clinical Invariance. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, 48(3), 359-369.
  • Pasarelu, C. R., Dobrean, A., Balazsi, R., Podina, I. R., & Mogoase, C. (2017). INTERPRETATION BIASES IN THE INTERGENERATIONAL TRANSMISSION OF WORRY: A PATH ANALYSIS. Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, 17(1), 31.


  • Pasarelu, C., Dobrean, A., Balazsi, R., Lupu, V., Predescu, E., Sipos, R., (2016).The Penn State Worry Questionnaire for Children: Age, Gender Clinical Invariance.  Child Psychiatry and Human Development.

Book Chapters:

  • David D.O., DiGiuseppe R., Dobrean A., Păsărelu C.R., Balazsi R. (2019) The Measurement of Irrationality and Rationality. In: Bernard M., Dryden W. (eds) Advances in REBT. Springer, Cham
  • Dobrean, A., Păsărelu, C. R., & Döpfner, D. (2018). Varieties of Psychotherapy for Attention‐Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. An Evidence-Based Evaluation. In D. David, S. J. Lynn & G. H. Montgomery (Eds.), Evidence-Based Psychotherapy: The State of the Science and Practice (pp. 435-464). New York: Wiley Blackwell.
  • Păsărelu, C. R., & Dobrean, A. (2016). Parental involvement in remotely-delivered CBT interventions for anxiety problems in children and adolescents: a systematic review. In F. Durbano & B. Marchesi (Eds.), New Developments in Anxiety Disorders, Intech Open Access Publisher, doi: 10.5772/65120
  • Dobrean, A., & Păsărelu, C.R. (2016). Impact of social media on social anxiety: a systematic review. In F. Durbano & B. Marchesi (Eds.), New Developments in Anxiety Disorders, Intech Open Access Publisher, doi: 10.5772/65188

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