Noi Dezvoltari la Catedră/Institut: Centrul de Imagistică Avansată – fMRI/EEG – în Ştiinţele Cognitive Clinice/Psihoterapie

A “Platform for Advanced Imaging – fMRI/EEG – in Clinical Cognitive Sciences/Psychotherapy” will be developed at the Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy/International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health, based on a grant from the European Union through the Romanian Government – National Authority for Research. The Platform will be composed of a Center for Advanced Imaging – fMRI/EEG – in Clinical Cognitive Sciences, which has two Laboratories: (1) Advanced fMRI Lab.; and (2) Advanced EEG Lab. Thus, the Platform will make use of an advanced technology, consisting of fMRI (3T) and EEG technologies, and it will be fully operational in 2009.


Building on our international expertise in evidence based assessment and psychotherapy (see our Web of Science indexed publications), this new development will help us complement our advanced research at the computational and algorithmic-representational levels (e.g., large randomized clinical trials comparing psychotherapy and medication for various clinical conditions by outcome, mechanism of change and cost-effectiveness, virtual reality therapy) with research at the implementational level (brain level) to facilitate the understanding and integration of  the mechanisms and processes of psychotherapy and other psychological interventions intended for the treatment of various clinical conditions and/or for health promotion.