Research group: Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching for Business/ Entrepreneurial Performance & Human Development

Research group: Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching for Business/ Entrepreneurial Performance & Human Development 

Sebastian Pintea & Oana Gaviţa 



Conducting research projects on mainstream topics in the field of cognitive-behavioral coaching, entrepreneurship, performance and human development.  Organizing Journal clubs and seminars on cutting edge advancements in the field.

The group is connected to the platform of Virtual Reality Psychotherapy and Psychological Interventions, the European Coaching Center within Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Babes-Bolyai University.


Research topics:

  1. Psychological determinants of entrepreneurial performance
  2. Emotions and cognitions in entrepreneurial decision-making
  3. Entrepreneurial education and training
  4. Risk-taking and perception of entrepreneurial opportunity
  5. The clinical approach in entrepreneurial psychology

6.      Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching in Virtual Reality: efficacy in improving interview skills, public speaking and flight anxiety

7.      Clinical diagnosis in organizations

8.      Emotion regulation strategies and work performance

9.      Rational Effectiveness Training for performance optimization

10.  Application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/ Mindfulness based Stress Reduction principles in work settings for performance optimization and stress management



Members admission:


Short motivation letter sent to

The motivation letter should be between 250-500 words describing what would recommend you for this collaboration and the research subject you would be interested in investigating (from the above list or other connected subjects). For a complete profile needed from our associated collaborators, please check at 


We will let you know on the outcomes in maximum 30 days.

You will afterwards be included in the group: for news on the research projects developed. We will have group meetings every two weeks and individual training or coaching sessions whenever is the case for the projects developed.